Collateral Based: Secured by Tangible Goods or Pledged by a Business

  • Private Mortgage Notes Real Estate - Real estate note is the documents secured by real estate that obligates one individual or company to make payment(s) to another individual or company. Those relatively small periodic payments can be converted into a large sum of cash today. No more anxious days waiting for the payment to arrive. This could be for:
       • Residential Properties – single family houses, townhouses, condominiums and any other 1-4 Family Units.
       • Commercial Notes - office, retail, large multi-family and industrial
       • Land notes – developed, undeveloped, farmland and waste storage.

  • Business Note - A business note is created when a business owner sells a business under a contract and taking back a note; thereby, creating seller financing. If you are considering the possibility of selling your owner financed business note and would like to receive a lump sum cash payout now, we can help!

  • Automobile, RV and Marine Note Portfolios - An auto, boat, and RV notes portfolio is a collection or grouping of automobile, boat, RV loans, usually held by a dealer, private investor, or a finance company, which were used to finance the sale of cars, boats, or recreational vehicles to individuals. These portfolios can be purchased by a funding source for immediate cash.

Business Based: Payments to a Business by Another Business

  • Account Receivable Funding - Accounts receivable finance also known, as factoring is the sale of invoices at an amount less than the face value. This means, you, the creator of an invoice, can sell the invoice today to receive an immediate cash advance. Our clients use this method of financing to raise capital quickly and improve cash flow without creating debt. In fact, factoring is centuries old financial service used by multi-billion dollar corporations that are now available to smaller sized businesses, to which banks are usually reluctant to lend funds to. Let us assist you in meeting your financial needs.

  • Asset Based Credit Lines – We can provide cash to your business by using an asset as a collateral.

  • Equipment Leases – Instead of purchasing and spending your capital on expensive equipment, provide us specific details of the equipment you are looking for, and we will purchase it with our money and lease it to you.

  • Purchase Orders - We can fund material costs for contracts.

Insurance Based: Paid to Individuals by Insurance Companies

  • Structured Settlements - The structured settlement is the court degreed method of payment for damage to a plaintiff resulting from an award made by the court. These settlements include product liability, wrongful death, medical and legal malpractice, personal injury, etc.

  • Lawsuit Awards – provide cash for any lawsuit award granted to you.

  • Life settlement - A life settlement is simply the sale of an existing life insurance policy by an older person to a third party in return for a percentage of the face value of the policy paid as an immediate, lump sum payment. Now, there is a way to benefit from an unneeded or about to lapse life insurance policy.

Consumer Based: Originated by a Consumer and Paid to a Business

  • Inheritances & Trusts - If you are an heir or beneficiary of a Probate or Trust, we can provide you with a cash advance on your inheritance. We provide stable cash resource for heirs and trust beneficiaries regardless of credit status or income history, unlike most banks and other financial institutions.

  • Delinquent Consumer Debt – We will buy your delinquent debt and provide cash for debt that may not have been collectable.

Government Based: Paid by State or Federal Governments

  • Lottery Winnings – Instead of waiting a number of years for collecting your lottery winnings, we can provide you a lump sum of cash for either the full or a partial amount.

  • Military Pensions – Receive cash for your pensions immediately.

Contingency Based: Legal Ownership is a Prime Factor

  • Franchise Fees – We can provide cash for any franchise fees that you receive.

  • Royalty Payments – We will provide a lump sum of cash for all or partial of your royalty payments.